Stylist of the Month: Yongsun



Celebrity Hair You’d Like to Style:

Anne Hathaway. She is true old Hollywood. Neither young or old, just beautiful.

Biggest Hairstyle No-No you see on the street:

Over-processed hair. Not only is it really unhealthy for your hair and scalp, it just looks bad.

Favorite Product:

Kerastase Nectar Thermique. It’s a great product for shine and really protects your hair from heat.

Straight from the Chair:

My Mom is a hairdresser in Korea, so I grew up in the salon. That experience, dealing exclusively with Asian hair taught me the importance of texture. I believe that a cut comes down to texture, since if done properly, the style will hold for weeks.

Client Clips:

I try to give my clients the confidence to really “own” their cut and style. Whether it is something very straightforward or complex, if you really wear it, it will look good.