Liliana: Stylist of the Month

Castroville, CA

Celebrity Hair:
Jennifer Lawrence & Emma Stone

Biggest Hair no-no:
Crunchy hair! This hair no-no is usually the result of using too much product or the wrong product. When styling, use products that will compliment your hair instead of trying to change it. There are products out there that will give you hold and support your texture while still keeping it soft and touchable.

Favorite Product:
Kerastase Spray a Porter. I love this product because it can be used on wet or dry hair. It gives naturally textured hair definition, and gives great support for styling on any hair type.

Straight from the Chair:
I encourage my clients to bring in reference photos of styles that they like, but I want to stress the importance of knowing your hair and what you are willing to do to maintain your new style. Together we can create customized cuts for you and only you. Just like a tailored suit. Pick the one you like, but be sure it fits!

Client Clips:
While each hair type does have it’s limits, I want to show my clients how to play with their hair. One haircut can be very versatile. Using different hot tools, brushes, and products can transform any haircut.