JOHNNY: Stylist of the Month

Watsonville, CA

Celebrity Hair You’d Like to Style:
Madonna and Gwen Stefani

Biggest Hairstyle No-No you see on the street:
When guys just buzz their hair with the same number blade guard all over their head. Every face and head shape is different, so hair, good hair, must conform with the shape of the head to look it’s best.

Favorite Product:
ARROJO ReFinish Dry Shampoo – because it gives the hair incredible body without weighing it down.

Straight from the Chair:
It’s important to choose a style that’s right for the client’s lifestyle. For example, if I cut your curly hair in a sleek graduated bob and you aren’t prepared to flat iron it smooth every day, the style isn’t right for your.

Client Clips:
I enjoy helping clients get comfortable with trying new styles, encouraging them to step a little outside their comfort zone. Change is good!